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Roger's top priority is to get Wisconsin working again. He has a simple plan that will get people back to work and restore confidence in our state government again.

Roger Rivard's Restore Wisconsin Plan

Step 1: Put People First

Career politicians forget who they work for. As a political newcomer, life-long resident of the 75th District, Roger Rivard will represent your voice and your values, not the special interests.

Step 2: Stop Runaway Spending and Debt

During the worst recession in a generation, while families were losing their jobs and their homes, Madison went on a spending spree! Nearly $1 Billion for choo-choo trains in Milwaukee and Madison…$5 million for a scoreboard at the Bradley Center…$40,000 for trash cans...and on and on. To get the economy moving again and get people back to work, Roger Rivard will cut frivolous spending and stop government from borrowing against our children's future.

Step 3: Government Doesn't Create Jobs, PEOPLE DO

Under Jim Doyle's failed leadership Wisconsin lost 160,000 jobs. To end the jobs crisis and get Wisconsin working again Roger believes we need to cut taxes on employers and work to reduce the regulatory burden that prevents new jobs from coming here.

Step 4: Cut Taxes for All Wisconsinites

Roger knows that the only way to stimulate the economy is to allow people to keep more of the money they earn in their family budgets. If we stop overspending, cut wasteful programs, reduce the size and scope of government people we will lower taxes and give people more money to spend on their needs, rather than on the wants of government.

Step 5: Undo the Damage of the Doyle Agenda

$5 Billion in tax increases. Vast expansions of DNR authority. Auto-Insurance hikes. Education cuts. Property tax increases. Millions in pork…these were the misplaced priorities of Gov. Doyle and Democrats in charge of Madison the past two years. It's time for a new direction. Roger Rivard will work to bring back the conservative principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility to make Wisconsin great again.

Step 6: Term Limits

Career politicians too often forget who they work and where they come from. That's why Roger will introduce a constitutional amendment to limit assembly members to four 2 year terms and senators to two 4 year terms.

Roger has started a petition drive asking voters to support him in his efforts to bring fresh ideas to state government by limiting the amount of time our representatives and senators can serve. If you'd like to support Roger's term limit amendment please send an email with your name, address, and phone number to us by clicking here and we will add to the list.

Authorized and Paid for by Roger Rivard for Assembly, Tim Wold, Treasurer